Tabaxi Wind and Fire: Chapter 1

Chapter I Part 14

While looting the Fortigar Castle treasury, The Party stumbles upon a magic orb that displays their memories. Elodia and Elim have several clashes of wills.

The party lands in Lankhmar to refuel, restock and prepare for the seige on Chersonnes Tower. From there, they rendez-vous with Colin Booker and Carmine Alita – survivors of the Battle of Ladakh. A shaky alliance is made with Beatrix Worldwalker who – wanting the end of the war – heads to Port Trape to rally an armada of airships to the cause.

Prepared for battle, the party heads for Chersonnes.

Chapter I Part 13

Part 13

The plan went into action. Jasper went to the castle and retrieved the map from the Castle Librarian. Elim headed to the church to meet with a mysterious agent. As Pam and Drick were preparing to head out, Kom cornered Pam – alone – and threatened her life if she were to fail. Pam went to the church and found in the pews Sophia Xaw. She charged up Draven’s staff three times, presumably with the Dispel Magic that they needed. Pam confided their mission to her before Sophia fled the church, and Drick reprimanded Pam for it. They left the church. Elim met with the agent, who gave them directions to the lake and a way around the Gargoyles within.

After a rendez-vous at the Inn, they began phase two. Kom went to the Purple Onion with a fake map of the sewers, where he recruited twelve thieves, led by the knave Rad. Draven – invisible, went into the castle and slipped Kom’s poison into the water supply. He then went into the kitchen and poisoned one hundred chickens. He gave Helix the signal, and the owl flew to the Purple Onion. Kom headed towards the castle.

Simultaneously, Cheg and Pam entered the castle disguised as nobles, and knocked out two nobles. Draven took his staff from Pam and the unconscious nobles into the dungeons.

Elim, Jasper and Eliza entered Shell’s house and found their way across the subterranean lake, bypassing the gargoyles and finding the sewers bored through by what appeared to be the work of a giant centipede or worm. They traversed the sewers.

At the feast, Marquis Joseph Fortigar addressed the nobles, saying that the war would end this night. He welcomed to the feast the guest of honour, Sophia Xaw. Sophia – recognizing Pam and Cheg, only spoke of her intentions in allying with Fortigar. Cheg and Pam learned that she murdered her father and replaced him as Marquis. Before continuing, Pam accidentally betrayed their mission and Fortigar had them arrested.

Draven attempted to use one of the Dispel Charges on his staff, but Sophia – betraying the party – put there instead a Summon-Bear spell. Draven unwittingly launched a bear into the treasury. A bear he used to retrieve Elodia’s nunchaku and also to locate her ring-of-controlling-wyvern. Draven then used Helix to retrieve the ring.

Kom began the assault on the castle. The thieves – more able than Kom anticipated – made quick work of the soldiers. Kom entered the castle to find Cheg and Pam under arrest. He fought and freed them.

In the sewers, Elim, Eliza and Jasper fended off giant rats and found their way into the dungeon. Following Draven’s footsteps, they reached Elodia’s cell and freed her.

Kom ran up to the roof, following the fleeing Fortigar and Sophia. He attacked Sophia who counterattacked and then fled. Fortigar was boarding the airship but Kom leapt from the top of the castle onto the ladder, shaking Fortigar off to his death below.

Chapter I Part 12

Part 12

In the month between the party’s capture and escape, Draven West – escaping capture – hid in the woods, using Helix as a scout. Through the keen eyes and ears of his owl he learned of their escape, and made his way to Brunet Fenn.

Jasper had infiltrated enemy territory with the orders from the Marquis to find the party and finish the mission. His alias – a university student from Lankhmar named Jonifer – learned that the party was being held at Fort Diamir. When Jasper arrived, however, the party had already escaped. Jasper followed the pursuers – led by Malinda – to Brunet Fenn.

In Brunet Fenn, the party slept while Drick kept watch. Pam had a dream in which she was surrounded in an endless green field. She flew up and encountered Sophia Xaw, who charmed her. Pam – no longer in control – chopped off Sophia’s head. She awoke in a cold sweat.

Malinda had found the party’s hideout and threw stones at the window. Pam woke up the party and they spoke shortly with Malinda before the two forces did battle in the town square. In the chaos, Draven and Jasper arrived and joined the fray. They left in the night, their goal: Fortigar Castle to rescue Elodia.

They stayed at the inn separately – holding secret meetings in Jasper’s larger suite. They decided to split up and look for information.

Draven, cloaking himself in magical invisibility, snuck into the castle, discovering a breach in the castle wall, and a door into the dungeons. He crept down into the dungeons, discovering first that the wardens weren’t humans but soulless clay golems. He then saw a wyvern pent up in a magic cell – and he was reminded of Elodia’s magical wyvern-controlling ring! He found Elodia on another floor and alerted her to their plan to bust her out. Draven also discovered the treasury, a multi-tiered complex bursting with mountains of gold and gems.

Elim – searching the markets – learned that the Fortigar Army had invaded Ladakh Guard and were victorious, and that a celebratory feast was being held at the castle with Fortigar politicians to talk about the impending end of the war and to divvy up power.

Eliza, going into the south, met a farmer named Pinky stuffing his chickens into a cage – because Marquis Fortigar loves chicken! She learned of the feast – then she explored the space in between the town’s structures and the castle – the landscape dipped considerably, and she sussed out that there must be a cave underneath.

Jasper – posing as Jonifer – went to the library and set up a meeting with an architectural scholar of the castle in order to procure a map of the castle sewers.

Pam – searching the library for books on magic, could not find anything and satisfied herself by perusing the magic book given to her by Cadence Bearheart.

Kom went to a seedy bar (“The Purple Onion”) and met with members of the local thieves guild, enlisting them to help with the invasion of the castle. They agreed to round up their least-favourite members to act as a distraction while the party broke into the dungeons. The thieves told Kom of a boat they used to have that goes from the town sewers – across an underground lake – to the castle sewers. They said that this way had been barred from them by The Way of the Gleaming Shadow.

The party re-assembled at the inn to share their information. A complicated plan was formulated…

Chapter I Part 11

Part 11

A month has passed, and Cheg, Pam and Eliza are imprisoned inside the enemy fortress. They are interrogated by Malinda and told they are to be executed in the morning. Fortunately, Kom breaks open their cell with his hands and they rendez-vous with Elim Tailor, a member of the Way of the Gleaming Shadow. Stealing horses, they escape the fortress. ( read the battle scene here)

Riding for two days without rest or food, the party arrives in Brunet Fenn, where Drick has established a hideout for them. They rest, eat and strategize. The party establishes what they fight for.

Establishing the liberation of Elodia as their first goal, they plan to head to Fortigar Castle and spend the rest of the day resting in Brunet Fenn.

Chapter I Part 10

Part 10

As Jolias prepares the party for the dangers of the mine, a stranger (Kom) arrives looking for a genie, who they realize is in the mines. They all strategize. ( read the scene here)

Meanwhile, Elodia and Drick have a conversation about the potential dangers ahead. (SECRET SCENE HERE)

The party heads through the woods, led by Jasper’s knowledge of the area. Jasper detours and speaks with the Aarakocra before continuing into the back of the mines. They use the Bearheart Axe to open the sealed door, and Carmine guards the door as they continue. ( read the scene here)

The party fights their way into the fortress-like caverns of the elders. ( read the battle scene here). They come across two imprisoned Fortigar soldiers – Geradil and Courana. After much debate, they decide to take them as hostages. ( read the scene here)

The party navigates tunnels, fighting more orcs. Eventually they defeat a big ogre and his wolves. They collect the spoils and go to sleep. ( read the battle scene here)

The next morning, they wake to discover that Geradil and Courana have escaped to inform Beatrix of their treachery. Racing against time, the party descends into the Glitterhame. The party is separated in a magic door puzzle, and Beatrix storms the caves, defeating the remaining party and capturing those who could not escape.

Chapter I Part 9

Part 9

As the party lands in Lorel’s Point, Elodia charges Draven with being her ambassador in the party, on account of her not being very eloquent. ( read the scene here)

They find Jolias Crump behanded, but they de-petrify him and take him to the hospital. They explore Cadence Bearheart’s house, discovering that she is a Drow, and they ransack her basement for the key into the mines. ( read the scene here)

Finding and orb and a letter, they interrogate Crump, who tells them about the mines and the secret of Lorel’s Point. They read the letter, Cadence’s parting words. ( read the scene here)

Heading out, they discover that Beatrix has set up camp along the border, and the mines are on Fortigar’s side. ( read the scene here)

Chapter I Part 8

Part 8

The Party regroups aboard the Afdol’s Tide. After deliberation, they decide to dump the refugees in Lorel’s Point while they de-petrify one of the elders. ( read the scene here)

The party is given access to the bridge, where Drick tells them that they will arrive at Lorel’s point within twenty-four hours. ( read the scene here)

Using ESP on the imprisoned Beatrix, Draven foolishly tells her that he’s reading her mind, and instead of staying on topic, Beatrix goes wildly off and her mind turns to irrelevant and confusing things. She mentions something called the Dark Tower and inadvertently tells the party that their “ka-tet is eight”. The party has lunch with Carmine and Toppy. Pam gets upset and goes to look for Sophia Xaw, finding her in the Captain’s quarters, learning more about Sophia and Elodia’s painful past. ( read the scene here)

Elodia, realizing that Beatrix’s enormous sword, Save The Queen , was never confiscated, gathers everyone in the conference room. They learn more about Beatrix and a temporary armistice is attempted. Elodia, enraged by the lack of progress, throws everyone in the brig. ( read the scene here)

Beatrix escapes in the night and explains more about the scroll to Carmine. Cheg and Elodia arrive and Beatrix escapes the ship, swearing to hold to the armistice. ( read the scene here)

Chapter I Part 7

Part 7

Aboard the Afdol’s Tide, the party meets Draven West, Elodia’s first mate and the man with the power to destroy the Fire Scroll. They begin to travel towards the Ark Valley but Captain Carmine Alita is more concerned with the chaos that has engulfed Wageqai

The party, The Marquis, General Booker and even the prisoner Beatrix decide that the survivors of the Terror Rain are their number one priority, and Elodia begrudgingly agrees. They mount a rescue operation, leading the town’s survivors behind a barricade. They are aided by local Father Ostmark. As monsters break through the barricade, the party herds the survivors to the top of the church belltower, where they climb onto the airship.

As Pam reaches the top of the tower, Father Ostmark suddenly turns on her, revealing himself to be an elf in magical disguise. During the battle, he called Pam a “Slave of the ”/campaign/tabaxi-chronicles/wikis/drow" class=“wiki-page-link”>Drow." Pam escapes, leaving Ostmark in Wageqai to be killed by monsters.

Once safely abaord the ship, Pam approaches the helmsman, the elf, Drick. He explains to her what the Drow are.

Chapter I Part 6

Part 6

The Party returns to Xaw Castle to learn that General Booker had no knowledge of another squad sent to the Loslia Tomb. Booker takes the party into the Castle and confronts Marquis Xaw who is working with Elodia Eastwind to find and destroy the Fire Scroll. Xaw explains his reasoning, telling the party what he knows about The Terror Rain.

Cheg reveals that the Fire Scroll is hidden in the Bearheart MinesJolias Crump told him. They make plans to travel to the Ark Valley. Pam meets the Marquis’ daughter, Sophia and is taken with her.

Before they are finished preparations, the famed Beatrix Worldwalker arrives in Xaw Castle to inform her old protegé, Colin Booker that the underage King Loslia’s guardian, Rex Trueflight, has succombed to his illnesses and that there is no one of age in Chersonnes aside from The Council of Avalon, who cannot rule with authority.

Because of this, the pending Civil War is ever closer. Neither Beatrix nor Booker want a war, so they begin negotiations. Meanwhile, Eliza effortlessly scales a dangerous obstacle course called “The Gauntlet” before the sky turns red.

The Terror Rain strikes the nearby port city of Wageqai. Monsters of all kinds spread across the land and invade Xaw Castle Town. The party escapes a wave of orcs in Toppy’s Cart, and rendez-vous with Elodia in the sewers, where they recapture her airship from Yuan-ti. They escape from the chaos in the airship.

Chapter I Part 5

Part 5

Colin Booker is impressed with the party’s aptitude in battle. While Captain Carmine is recovering, he sends them on a mission he had planned for her:

As most people are aware, relations between Xaw and the south province of Fortigar haven’t been too great the last 1000 years or so. Fearing that Fortigar Soldiers might want to deface the Loslia Tomb, which is rightfully in Xaw, the Marquis of Xaw orders Colin Booker to retrieve from it something called the Fire Scroll. Naturally, Booker delegates this to a group of bumpkins.

The party rides Southeast on horseback until they reach the Loslia Tomb, shrouded in thick jungles. Fortigar Soldiers are indeed there, being lead by Captain Malinda. More surprising is the presence of other Xaw Soldiers, when General Booker only sent the party.

Donning the purple colours of Fortigar, they take Malinda by surprise and hold her prisoner. She escapes their grasp in the midst of a large scale battle. The party enters a chamber with a strange throne, behind the throne was a hallway, where the Fire Scroll was supposedly hidden.

In the hallway, they party enounters Elodia and Erdrick, who paralyze them and escape.


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