Listen children and all ye
who in the face of terror flee
for when ye hear the Pechmen walk
you’ll know they are not men, but rock
made flesh by some Mudoran mage
who spat into the earth such rage
that mountains shuddered, taking on
a madness from a time long gone.

At first they seem like you and me
two hands, two eyes, and yes, two feet,
and on their heads such clean brown hair
you’d never guess that under there
is silt and rock and moss and mud
instead of skins and bones and blood.

They might decieve you, children dear
by whisp’ring pleasants in your ear
believe them not, for they are false
and if you think you’re safe in Waltz
from lying Pechmen and their kin
why you might one day lose your skin
and turn into a Pechman too
Oh yes dear child, it could be you.

So careful when you’re feeling cross
your insides might all turn to moss
and stop yourself from telling fibs
or you may get some rocks for ribs
and if you meet Mudorans, then
beware, for they might be Pechmen.


The Tabaxi Chronicles mr_ite