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All of the details your characters know about the gaming world are featured here – there are even things here that your characters know that you as players may not know!! It’s an invaluable companion to our D&D campaign!

Things here will be organized in the following order

  • History
  • Locations
  • Characters
  • Items
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Tabaxi is known as “The Red Moon of Bara Druu.” It is clear that the rock our characters call home is a moon, for it revolves around the enormous planet called Bara Druu. It is said that life on Tabaxi began on the planet – that they once had the technology to move beyond the boundaries of the sky and colonize all other moons as well. This technology was wielded by something that is sometimes referred to as “The Empire of Ten” and sometimes “The Empire of Eight.” Tabaxi was a colony of this empire until war ripped the empire apart and Tabaxi was cast into a dark age from which they have yet to recover.

Everyone knows the following things about Tabaxi’s history.


The locations your characters have been to so far – what you know about the history and populace of these places.


Losliamap The Island Kingdom of Loslia is located on the most southeast corner of the Tabaxi world map. It it bordered on the North by the Tomb Reef, on the East by the Rupal Sea, on the South by the Sea of Lost Winds, and on the West by the Choking Mountains.

Being on a sub-tropical island, Loslia is usually humid, its populace slightly tanned. It is populated (seemingly) entirely by humans. Elves, dwarves and faeries are thought of as ficticious creatures. Monsters like trolls are viewed by the naive denizens as demons, feared as opponents to Avalon, the God of all things good.

Loslia was once part of the “Empire of Ten” that reigned over Tabaxi until a thousand years ago. The last true king, Aldous Loslia, created a huge tomb for himself and some say he cursed the kingdom on his dying breath. Since his rule, no true king has ever lived past thirteen – the age of ruling. Instead, the king has been ward to a Regent, who rules over the provincial governments of Xaw and Fortigar from Chersonnes Tower under the counsel of the Kingdom’s renowned Council of Avalon. Xaw and Fortigar are divided by the Bane Mountains and the Loslia river, which originates from a magical spring in the mountains.

Xaw, The Nothern Province. Flying crimson colours. Within:

Fortigar, The Southern Province. Flying purple colours. Within:

Chersonnes, the Eastern Rule. Separated from Fortigar by the Lankhmar Delta. Within:


An icy region near the North Pole.


Mudore is a vast desert continent known as the “Lands of Fate.” Those who venture in are said to never return, and those who come out are always shrouded in mystery. Kom is from Mudore.



The Player Characters (PCs) are listed henceforth – past and present:


The Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are listed here:

Not all characters are listed here. You may come across character pages on this Wiki that aren’t featured on the main page. Those characters are unimportant to the main plot, and are there for interest purposes only.


Throughout Tabaxi there are several organizations, guilds and factions that dictate the livelihood of the populace – from the Player Party to omnipresent guilds, these shape the culture of Tabaxi.

  • The Party – a group of stalwart heroes!! That’s you.
  • Royalists – typically known as Fortigarians.
  • Imperialists – typically known as Xawites.
  • The Council of Avalon – Loslia’s royal advisors, this organization preserves ancient knowledge and (some say) magic.
  • The Way of the Gleaming Shadow – A guild of monks that is spread throughout Tabaxi. They are shrouded in mystery
  • The Thieves Alliance – A powerful organization of thieves and knaves, making up the underground of the Tabaxi market.

Items and Relics


Things that are not walking on foot.

Gods and Devils


During the days of the Empire, all sorts of deities were worshipped, and it is said that these Gods took corporeal form and meddled in the lives of humans. Now, the legends say that only two Gods remain, forever locked in battle in the astral realm, and that they have turned their back on Tabaxi.

  • Avalon, the God of all things good.
  • Malfador, the God of all things evil.

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