Hebions Orb of Memory

Hebion’s Orb of Memory was created by an Elf (Hebion) after The War of the Empire.

It’s function is to display the user’s full memories – including things only remembered in the subconscious. This memory world can be navigated freely by the user and can be interacted with.

While inside the orb, no loss of health passes through to reality. If the user dies, he/she simply wakes up. Similarly, the time spent inside the orb does not pass outside the orb – the episode is instantaneous. However, the time spent inside the orb ages the users real body accordingly.

Example: Joe touches the orb and spends the equivalent of ten years inside the orb. Inside, he fights in a battle and loses his eye. When he leaves the orb, it has only been a few seconds in the real world. He has both his eyes back, but his body has aged ten years.

Hebions Orb of Memory

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