Burning Age

The current epoch.

The vocabulary to describe time in the Burning Age goes as such:

  • A “Rain” refers to a decade. It is also common practice to use rain to describe any ten-year period. To say something or someone is two rains old is to say that he/she/it is twenty years old, and to refer to a time period as, say, the 92Rs is to describe the time period between 920E and 929E.
  • An “Ember” is the common term for a year, although “year” is also used. To say something happened a few embers ago means a few years ago. The word is also shortened to the letter E to end calendar year numbers (for example, it is currently the year 979E).

The Burning Age began with the fall of the Empire, but between the collapse of civilization there were generations in which there was no calender, and the world was covered in ice and shadow. When the ice receded, and warmth returned to the world, Year One of the Burning Age began by the decree of the Alman King Hubard Skyreach I.

There are ten months in an Ember. Each month has thirty exact days.

  • Solember

The first of Solember is called the Dark Day, and it is the annual event in which Tabaxi is eclipsed on both sides (from the Greater Sun by Bara Druu and from the Lesser Sun by Peridot ) After the Dark Day, the lesser sun returns first, and by the end of thirty days both suns are visible again.

  • Diember

The first of Diember (and the first day that both suns are visible) is the decreed first day of Spring.

  • Triember

A bright and increasingly warmer month, as both suns are visible and Tabaxi orbits closer to the Greater Sun.

  • Quadrember

The 15th of Quadrember is is the decreed first day of Summer, when Tabaxi orbits closest to the Greater Sun. Because of this, Bara Druu begins to eclipse the Lesser Sun

  • Pentember

Throughout Pentember, the Lesser Sun is slowly eclipsed by Bara Druu

  • Hexember

What many people call the “Height of Summer” as it is the brightest and warmest time of the year.

  • September

September 1st is is the decreed first day of Autumn. Most harvests occur in September and:

  • Octember

A bright month but increasingly cooler as Tabaxi orbits away from the Greater Sun.

  • November

The 15th of November is is the decreed first day of Winter, and the beginning of Bara Druu’s eclipse of the Greater Sun.

  • December

Spent almost entirely in wintry darkness.

Burning Age

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